" We provide a positive athletic experience to the youth in our surrounding communities."
-Since 1994-
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New Program Fees

Year round Swimming (September - May)
Start up Fee  $65 in addition to the first 2 months commitment
The start up fee is assessed to anyone joining the program for the first time or to those swimmers who have been gone from the program for more than 3 months   After first 2 months you will pay on a monthly basis.
    Monthly Dues
    $90        Groups 1hr.
    $100        Groups 1hr. 30min.
    $110      Groups 2 hr.

    * All Members must join USA Swimming.  cost is $65 annually.
        fill out USA registration form and make check payable to Southern  California Swimming (SCS)
Monthly Dues
they are due at the beginning of each month.  You are responsible for monthly dues whether your child attends 1 or 20 practices that month.  If you plan on going inactive you must notify the coaches in writing or by email.  Notification must be given prior to the 1st of the month that you will be inactive otherwise you will be billed.
Inactive Status
A swimmer may remain inactive for up to 3 months without being reassessed the startup.  If one sibling is inactive and the other stays active, then the inactive sibling can take more than 3 months off without being assessed the startup.

Late fees:
A late fee of $5 will be assessed if dues are paid later than the 7th of the month.
A late fee of $10 will be assessed if dues are paid after the 14th of the month.

Junior Lifeguard Prep 2018
    Session 1:         3/12  - 5/18         $310
    Session 2:          4/2 - 5/18        $265

*  We have a combined 80 participant Cap

Summer Swimming 2018 (May 31st   - August 9th)
    May 31st  - August 9th          TBA
    * Includes: Summer Dues, 1 Team Cap,1 pair Goggles, OCSC Registration & Dual Meet fees, Team Picture,